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Manage and share pigeon records, including pedigrees
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Pedigree Software to easily create pedigree charts
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Pigeon breeding software to aid the breeding or raising of pigeons
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32-bit and 64-bit Windows

most popular pedigree software for racing pigeons

Download Pigeon Loft Organizer trial

Explore the basic functionality of Pigeon Loft Organizer trial. This trial version of the full product lets you find your bird records, create pedigree in second, and analyse your race result - all for free!
The trial version is fully functional version of Pigeon Loft Organizer with the exception that it is limited to 30 birds records and it will, however, expire after 30 days.
1. the self install exe file (recommended) - run this and PLO will install itself

download free pigeon pedigree software!
2. the ZIP file (for user who unable to download the EXE file) - unzip and run the Setup file.

download most popular pigeon pedigree software
Downloading and installing the program on a PC with anti-virus software

Some anti-virus tools may prevent the downloading, installation and operation of the program. To avoid this, you may need to configure them appropriately or temporarily disable them altogether.

Some anti-virus tools block the program installation process – for instance, Norton Web Security and Avira Internet Security.

Many anti-virus solutions do not require additional configuration for Pigeon Loft Organizer to work normally – for instance, Microsoft Security Essentials.

Should you have any problems using them along with Pigeon Loft Organizer, please visit the corresponding page with detailed descriptions of their settings adjusted for Pigeon Loft Organizer.
I keep getting a notice of a "corrupted download" when I try to install PLO

It sounds like you may have received a corrupted download. That can happen because of noisy phone lines or other problems with the routing of your connection over the Internet. AOL in particular has a VERY bad record for corrupting files in download. All you can do is download it again until you get a valid download, or download it from someone else's Internet connection.

The download files on PLO download page have been tested and are complete and not corrupted. Please download from one of the links there.

There is one other possibility. If your system is infected with some sort of virus, which is not hard to do these days, then you might also get a notice that the setup file is corrupted when you try to execute it. You may want to make sure your antivirus software has up to date dat files (available from the company websites)... this is ALWAYS a good idea in any case... and scan your system to make sure you do not have a computer virus which could be causing this behavior.

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