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pigeon racing pedigree software template

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A pedigree template is a simple and powerful way to help customers recognize your loft and add a professional touch to your printed pedigrees.

Prepare a template in the following size width : US letter format 748 pixels x height 966 pixels and A4 format 749 pixels x height 1009 pixels. If the photo is large then resize it to the right size as on the pedigree it will be automatically changed into smaller and it might change its quality. Use any program for editing graphics to create your own logo. It has yo be saved in JPG format, the program will not let you save it in any other format. Remember always to save JPG files with best quality then your template will have the best quality.

As a template you can use any photos of your pigeons, you town or your loft that will be seen on the pedigree.

To prepare your own template, you can check how to make your template and add the photos of your birds.

Prepare the photo which will be the background of your pedigree. You can find excellent quality pictures at
free racing pigeon pedigree template
If you find an appropriate photo but bigger than it should be, you need to cut the right area with the directions below.
best color pedigree for racing pigeons
After preparing the photo with size 749x1009 pix, you can modify it a little. You can use a filter for the place where the text areas will be, I used Glow filter from Adobe Photoshop 4. After filling the white colour in I use the filter in places where the text will be shown on the pedigree. Such prepared photo I filtered once again and rounded the angles of the photo - this way I have a photo which will be the background for the pedigrees printed in PLO program.
breeding pedigree software for racing pigeon
Then I added the loft name and the User address shown in the upper part of the pedigree. You can add the text and its size freely just like you want. Remember that all changes made with the photo should be saved in separate files - it will help you a lot in case of the computer failure.
pedigree printing program for pigeon racing
Now prepare a photo of your birds or loft which you would like to place on the pedigree. You have to cut the photo on a transparent layer, then you will place it easily on the background of your pedigree. Each photo should be pasted on a prepared pedigree background and after settlement you connect the background and the added birds. After that you almost have your own pedigree template. Now you can also add the text next to your birds to make them visible. At the end you save the template in PLO folder, f.ex. C:PLO as a graphical file with .jpg extension (f.i. myowntemplate.jpg).
pedigree software to the breeders and owners of pigeon racing
After saving your template, open PLO program, go to Pedigree setup from Breeding menu and choose your new template as a template in Pedigree colour. Save the settings and go to Pedigrees window. Choose a bird on the list, mark Pedigree colour and click Print preview button where you will see your new template.
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Now you can print and save your new pedigrees as PDF or JPG files and publish them on the Internet to show them to everybody!
Pedigree certificate forms 4 generation pigeon forms and pedigree
simple pigeon pedigree template
5 Generation Blank Pigeon Pedigree Forms in PDF format
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