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Pigeon Loft Organizer is a pedigree and record keeping program
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Sample Five generation pigeon pedigree certificate
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Add bird photo

Table of Contents
Many of our program Users ask how to edit picture of their birds saved it the program. In the new version of our program the picture that are saved to the database can have maximal size of 750 pixels width and 510 pixels height. A photo of an eye can have the maximal size of 300 x 300 pixels. If the photo has bigger size, you have to make it resize. Below I presented how to make the photo more beautiful.

1) Open the Bird window and fill in all fields with the information about the bird and click Add bird picture button. Choose the picture of your bird that you can save on the hard disc or a CD.
program to keep pigeon records over your pedigree

2) If width of the picture is bigger than 750 pixels or heigh more than 510 pixels or if you want to edit your photo, press Edit picture button.
Professional software to manage pedigree your racing pigeons

3) In Picture Editor window / Width field choose the width of the picture, the maximal width cannot be bigger than 750 pixels height not bigger than 510 pixels.
Complete pigeon loft management software
4) After the change of width and height, press Resize picture button which will change size of the picture.
Printable blank pigeon pedigree chart
5) Then click the Picture section which will let you add the picture of an eye or your picture logo to the picture of your bird. Then click Add picture button and choose the picture of the eye or logo saved on the hard disc or a CD.
Pedigree certificate forms 4 generation pigeon forms and pedigree
6) To move the added picture in any place, move the cursor of the mouse on the new picture, press the left button and move the picture. If you want your picture have a frame, click Add border button. At the end press Mergie picture to connect two photos. If you want to add some text or the name of your bird, click Caption section.
Fillable pigeon pedigree template form
7. To add text to the picture of your bird, choose the font, font colour and font size. The text has to be written in Your text field. Then press Add text button. Set the text at the right place on the picture and click Marge text button.
blank pedigree forms for pigeon racing
8) Now you can add the ring number. After that click Marge text. After adding the text to your picture lick Effect section.
very modern pigeon loft management and pedigree program
9) If your picture doesn't have the right focus and is too dark, use the effect available in Effects section. After adding the effects click Save and Close buttons.
Blank pigeon pedigree form
10. In Bird window you can see the efects of your work. The picture of your birds that you see in that window will be printed on your pedigrees.
To get a good quality of your bird picture you have to practice a bit editing your pictures.
5 Generation Blank Pigeon Pedigree Forms in PDF format
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