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32-bit and 64-bit Windows
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No matter what software you currently use, Pigeon Loft Organizer 4 show you a whole new look and new features to your pedigrees. You can easily create your own unique pedigree without spending hours with an obsolete pedigree software. See for yourself......

Try one of our favorite features in PLO 4, run PLO directly from a USB flash drive. A flash drive plugs into the USB port on any current Windows PC. PLO is the first and only program that you can run directly from USB flash drive without installation.
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When you sell pigeons you must surely always want them
to be accompanied by a first-class pedigrees for your birds!

When you're asked by a potential customer for Children or Grandchldren of a specific cock or hen, up-to-date stock availability needs to be within fingertip reach.
Why is Pigeon Loft Organizer
the premier pedigree software?

  • It has the best and most configurable pedigrees, including photos
  • It has a vast range of reports available including ancestor and descendant analyses
  • It has many powerful breeding tools not generally available in other breeder pedigree programs

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Eye sign grading

If you send your birds for ONE LOFT RACE you have to create them a pedigree. Create professional pedigrees that make your birds prestige!
  Pigeon Loft Organizer software provides a quick and easy way for you to manage all your pigeon data.
You can quickly see all your pigeon records, pedigrees, race results, race information and more at a glance. No more looking for sticky-note reminders or lost scraps of paper. It's all there, right before your eyes. Here are just some of the specially manage features that can help you managing your loft :
  • Pigeon records - Maintain individual pigeon records - everything you need to know about each and every pigeon, pictures of the pigeons can be added to the pigeon data and printed on to the pedigree.
Top pigeon performances

Pigeon winning wing

  • Pairings - at the start of the breeding season, you can pair birds and record all details of the pairings - when eggs were laid, when they hatched, what ring numbers you put on the youngsters.
Pairing pigeons with PLO

  • Progeny - identify all sons & daughters of a selected cock,hen or pair, identify all grandsons & granddaughters of a selected cock,hen or pair.
Pigeon progeny

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Top 5 reasons to purchase The Pigeon Loft Organizer

Fantastic interface and more new functions!
Pigeon Loft Organizer has been uniquely designed with the future in mind. Fantastic new interface this is one product you will not want to be without. The Pigeon Loft Organizer interface and functions have not only been improved, they've been expanded, the program is faster, cleaner, easier to use, and more powerful.

Professional pedigree layouts
Our printed pedigrees include artistic borders and bird pictures - for that extra special embellishment. Now you can keep your own pedigree records AND produce the quality pedigrees you want without paying!

Bird Picture Editor
A brand new bird image editor. Edit bird photos to look the way you want, and save to database. You can resize pictures, add text ( bird name, ring number ) and more picture manipulation!

Backup data to CD
You absolutely cringe everytime you hear that someone has lost data and years of work because their harddrive crashed or a virus ate their file. Making backups of your data to CD or DVD. The reasons for burning a CD might be to create a backup of your data or simply backup frequently used CDs. CDs should last 50 years in good conditions, but they may be dropped or scratched if used often.

Free Updates
Our products now come with free updates. We won’t charge for updates and we’ll notify you of new add-ons so you can download them right away. All Updates for 3.0.0 version is FREE!

The licence concerns using our program on two different computers (f.ex. laptop and PC) when you have one of them at home and second one near the loft or your partner. You have different database on each computer. You can move the data of your birds between two computers but you can use only one loft name. You don't need any additional Unlock Key, you use it on both two computers.
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  • Pedigrees - pedigrees can be recorded in an infinite number of generations. The pedigrees can be printed in several lay-outs from 3,4 to 5 generations. Pedigrees incorporating JPEG images of the object pigeons and parents.
Pigeon pedigrees record

Wall Lunt and Green

Pigeon pedigrees

Pigeon pedigree template

Now you can have your personal layout of your pedigree, you will add photos of your birds, logo and your loft picture. You decide by yourself how will your pedigree look like.

Pigeon pedigree sheet

Pigeon pedigree sheet

  • Nestbox Card - chose breeding year, to print nest box cards.
  • Vaccination - a certificate can be produced showing which birds have been vaccinated and detailing the vaccine used. Automatically insert notes of vaccinations into the database
  • Racing results - analyse your racing results by Club, race point, year, pigeon. The program can select the best results of each pigeon automatically and add these to the results report. The program is also able to select the best pigeons based on many different selection criteria given by the user. Result lists can be generated for a pigeon or a race.
  • Start points and distances - record the start points and their distances from your loft for all races and notes for each bird and each race. Keep free form notes about each race - the weather conditions etc. which will be printed out along with the race results.
  • Velocity Calculator - by entering your distance and the flight time the program will give the velocity.
  • PAB - Personall Address Book - Writing addresses by hand is tedious. And if you have a lot of addresses it's practically impossible. With our Personall Address Book, you won't have to hand address anything. So you can spend time on more important matters, like composing the letter you're sending!

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  Now you can spend your time tending to your birds and view all your pigeon records in one convenient place. And it organizes your most important information, so you can take control of your loft.

Ideal present for racing pigeon fancier

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Manage Your Own Winning Champion Loft!!!!
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